Did you know you can turn your own favorite clothes into tick repellent clothes?

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Our favorite SPRINGTIME TICKSMART™ ACTIONS – do them now (or at least soon) to stay TickSafe.
"My Christmas tree must have been covered in ticks because now they are all over my family room." Do you have Christmas Tree "TICKS"?
This time of year, ticks are still here! In Autumn, the ticks are ALL pretty much adult stage blacklegged (deer) ticks.
5 ways you may be putting yourself at risk for LYME DISEASE THIS AUTUMN
As Lone Star ticks appear in RI, TickEncounter.org helps decode tick danger with TickSpotters program.
nj.com interviews The TickGuy about recently released tick counts by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
"OH LOOK...There's a deer in the backyard". Nearly a half million new ticks, EVERY DEER, EVERY YEAR! -- THAT'S A LOT OF TICKS!
Too small to see. Too dangerous to ignore! Ticknado is coming... Be PREPARED!
Mice are the primary culprits for producing infected ticks! It is best to apply Tick Tubes in late July/August when larvae are active.
The mounting costs of an epidemic of Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF) is estimated at $13.2 million in losses between 2002 and 2011.
Learn Where The Ticks Are! We received THOUSANDS of TickSpotters reports from citizen scientists across America in 2014!
Be TickSmart! Make those summer camp and hiking clothes tick repellent clothes. Don't forget to spray your shoes too.
Poppy-seed sized blacklegged nymphal ticks are out May-August. The Top 5 TickSmart "To-Do" List for May begins with treating your shoes.
Study authors publish findings in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology and reveal NO measurable prevalence of B. burgdorferi in Lone Stars ticks.
Project Rodeo: Rounding Up Varmint Brown Dog Ticks, Reducing Human Disease
Is it a tick? NO, it's NOT a tick! Review a collection of TickSpotter images if you're in doubt.
Brown Dog ticks are truly a different kind of horror story than Blacklegged (deer) ticks
Just when you thought that the bloodsuckers of summer should be gone... adult blacklegged ticks are BACK! Prepare for TICKNADO!
From June 18, 2014 - June 20, 2014, Marathon runner "The TickGuy" was featured in the Runner's World Ask Me Anything.
This spring, we talked with hundreds of kids before starting an interactive Do A Daily TickCheck learning exercise: 12 Things Kids Say About Ticks.
WBUR CommonHealth and Radio Boston add more to the discussion about prevention tips and awareness with TickEncounter.
Tick Note: What's The Difference Between Inside Ticks And Ticks Inside - PLENTY!
With more ticks in more places than ever before, there's never been a more appropriate time to raise your tick literacy. Learn how to watch.
What if the tick you found is engorged? Learn how to identify it and remember to report your tick to TickSpotters.
Found a tick? Report your tick to TickSpotters. Your submissions will help TickEncounter collect data for our Current Tick Activity application.
There Are Two Types Of Ticks On Your Dog or Cat. Households with “in & out” pets need to be alert that pets may bring ticks in from outside.
Senator Jack Reed, Tick Guy Thomas Mather, and Tick Control Pro Dave Mendell kick off the state's newest tickborne disease prevention program.
Over 4,000,000 YouTube views! That's the number of people who now know how to remove a tick safely.
Get TickSmart™ Stay TickSafe! Support our team at the University of Rhode Island safeguard the lives of people in your community.
Learn more about the the URI TickEncounter Resource Center and our mission .
Learn when different stages of Ixodes scapularis (a.k.a. blacklegged or deer tick) are active .