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TickSmarttm Towns America aims to be a national program for empowering civic engagement towards the goal of significantly reducing tick encounters and the impact of tick-borne disease at the community level.


The Tick Problem

In the U.S. alone, an estimated 300,000+ human cases of Lyme disease are reported every year, and the incidence of Lyme disease and co-infections transmitted by blacklegged (deer) ticks continues to increase, causing serious disease consequences. Direct medical costs for Lyme disease alone are estimated at $0.7 - $1.3 billion annually, and along with associated overall indirect costs, the public health burden just for Lyme disease could be 3 times higher. Recent discovery of 2 new tick-borne viruses (Heartland virus, Deer Tick virus) responsible for human deaths in multiple states illustrates how dynamic the tickborne disease landscape is, and highlights the need for continual surveillance, education and prevention.


Our Solution

TickSmarttm Towns America program components are designed to provide communities with the framework, services, and expert support for implementing best-in-class engagement, tick testing, and tick educational outreach -- all focused on empowering effective public health actions to reduce the impact of ticks throughout partnering communities.


The TickSmarttm Towns America concept is consistent with a growing focus on population health, a movement poised to offer better health outcomes for more people at reduced costs.

In a TickSmarttm Town, every citizen can help solve the tick problem. We offer this 2-sided “I just found a tick” card for download and printing to any citizen group (church, civic organization, neighborhood association, etc) interested in helping their members GET TICKSMARTtm!


Each PDF is 4”x 9” and designed to be printed 2-sided on card stock. Feel free to use the white space to promote your own organization.


Download Side 1


Download Side 2


TickSmart Educator Certification

Health education specialists, school nurse teachers, town officials, recreation staff, and especially interested citizen-scientists ALL can become in-demand, competent TickSmart community health resources. TickSmart Educator trainees learn about and practice using best-in-class tick bite protection tools and strategies. The engaging, fun and informative initial 3-hour training is geared for anyone ready to take-on a leadership role in helping their community GET TICKSMART! In follow-on workshop programs TickSmart Educators brainstorm with their TickSmart program manager to plan for a variety of seasonally-relevant “tick events” and tick awareness campaigns appropriate for their community. Certified TickSmart Educators are encouraged to practice what they’ve learned by confidently participating in, and even leading, tick awareness and education programs in their towns.


Contact TickEncounter to inquire about costs and scheduling availability.

Helping Kids Get TickSmart with TickSmart Learning Kit


Schools and camps can help kids Get TickSmart™ by using our interactive Learning Kit. In 10-12 minutes, kids learn where to look for ticks and what to look for (grade 3-4 module)(additional modules in development). All kit modules are NGSS and No Child Left Inside compliant. Once your order is submitted via the order form, we will contact you to arrange payment options. Sorry, but we cannot ship your Learning Kit module until payment or PO# is received. All proceeds help support the Get TickSmart tick-bite prevention program.


YouTube video: Daily Tick Check Learning Kit for Schools & Camps

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