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The Leonard Lopate Show - Please Explain: Ticks


There are more ticks in more places than ever before, and over the past two decades tick-borne illness has increased, especially in the northeast. Dr. Thomas Mather, director of the University of Rhode Island’s Center for Vector-Borne Disease and its TickEncounter Resource Center, and Dr. Thomas Daniels, Associate Research Scientist and Co-Director of the Vector Ecology Laboratory at Fordham University’s Louis Calder Center, tell us all about ticks, the blood-sucking arachnids that can spread disease and how to protect against tick bites and prevent tick-borne disease.

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A Golf Course TickEncounter

No One Wants A Golfing TickEncounter!

Golfers trying to squeeze in those last few games before winter should be aware of adult stage deer ticks from October into December! TickEncounter recently caught up with James Cohen at the clubhouse for a quick interview about how ticks have impacted his family and influenced their tick-bite prevention practices.

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A Curious Larval TickEncounter

A Curious Larval TickEncounter

August means nearly microscopic-small larvae are everywhere! TickEncounter recently sat down with Carol Montie and her family to hear her larval TickEncounter story.

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Interview: Radio Boston with Dr. Thomas Mather

Meghna Chakrabarti of Radio Boston interviews Dr. Thomas Mather about Lyme disease, the role of deer and mice in tick-borne disease, tick habitat and life cycle, and finally TickSmart prevention strategies.

Lyme Disease Panel Discussion

In conjunction with WBUR special Lyme disease series, WBUR hosted an expert panel to discuss prevention, coping with the disease, and changing our thinking and behavior as tick-borne diseases become more prevalent. Re-watch the discussion here: or on TERC

Panel includes:



Warm winter weather, the 2010 acorn crop, chipmunks and mice, the absence of acorns in 2011: these are environmental factors that have been all over the news, and are topics being discussed by tick and health experts as setting us up for what could be the worst year for deer ticks and Lyme disease on record.

TickEncounter [TERC] recently sat down with two of Rhode Island's newest TickSmart™ Certified deer tick control experts - Greg Carbone of the Bartlett Tree Experts and Ames Kaiser of Ocean State Tick Control - to discuss their thoughts on tick-bite prevention for this tick season.

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