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Clothing-Only Tick Repellent Put To Test

Images from September 6 & 7, 2007

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Dr. Mather explains
Dr. Mather explains the study.
Tick on Arm
Assistants Lyndsay Knoblock-Fast and Karen Frost load 10 nymphs onto cotton patch before applying to subject.
Tick on Arm
Nymphal deer ticks crawl out from under patch to look for attachment site.
Tick on Shoe
Ticks crawl out onto shoe.
Nate Miller Checking Ticks
Researcher Nate Miller is assisted by Nurse Nancy Doyle-Moss in removing patches and checking on the ticks' progress.
Subjects stand, walk in place
Subjects were asked to stand, walk in place, tap their feet and perform other activities during the course of the study.