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Updated July 8, 2015

Update: Watch the 5 minute segment:

Learn how to Tick Proof Youself and Your Property. Also, find out how Jamestown, RI is becoming the first town to be part of "TickSmart Towns America".

Original post:

With help from "The Tick Guy", The Chronicle Show on ticks and tick borne illnesses is going to air next Tuesday night July 7th on Chronicle, WVCB-TV, Channel 5 at 7:30pm.

If you don't get the show, it live streams on It will also be available the next afternoon online.

TickSmart "To-Do" List for Summer

  • Spray all outdoor shoes with Permethrin
  • Make sure pets are protected
  • Have yard treated with effective tick killers
  • Be especially vigilant about doing daily tick checks
  • Send off kids' camp clothes to be treated