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Sunshine, sharks and ticks, oh my! RadioTimes interview with Marty Moss-Coane

June 24, 2015

Guests: Joseph Sobanko, Marie Levine and Thomas Mather
"If you want to stay safe this summer, wear sunscreen and look out for ticks, but don’t worry about sharks. So say our guests on today’s Radio Times. We’ll get a reality check on a few summer risks – sun exposure, tick bites and the reality of shark attacks at the Jersey shore. We’ll start off talking with Northwestern University dermatology professor ROOPAL KUNDU about the importance of sunscreens and how to pick the right one for you and your family. Then, MARIE LEVINE of the Shark Research Institute in Princeton joins us to talk about why shark attacks in our area are highly unlikely. And finally, everything you wanted to know about ticks and how to prevent tick bites with the “tick guy,” THOMAS MATHER of the University of Rhode Island’s TickEncounter Resource Center".

Tick discussion begins at 31:05

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