Permethrin Facts

How safe is Permethrin and Permethrin-treated Clothing?

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Quick Facts :

  1. Permethrin is over 2,250 times more toxic to ticks than humans; so just a little bit provides great protection safely.
  2. The EPA states "...There is reasonable certainty that Permethrin-treated clothing poses no harm to infants or children".
  3. Put directly on the skin, typically less than 1% of active ingredient is absorbed into the body; DEET can be absorbed at over 20 times that rate.
  4. Exposure risk of Permethrin-treated clothing to toddlers is 27 times below the EPA's Level of Concern (LOC).
  5. A 140-pound person would have no adverse health effects if exposed to 32 gms of permethrin/day.There is less than 1 gram of permethrin in an entire bottle of clothing treatment.
  6. A 5% cream (10 times the dose) is recommended to treat children and infants with mites called scabies.