TickEncounter Prevention Partner

Current TickEncounter Prevention Partners

We hope that by spreading the word about proven effective tick-bite protection tools and strategies, Prevention Partners will have a positive impact on the health of their community, and will encourage others to become TickEncounter Prevention Partners, too!

Enhanced Level Partners

TEPP Mosquito Squad of Central Massachusetts

At Mosquito Squad of Central Massachusetts we are dedicated to informing the public about the dangers of ticks, while simultaneously helping them control the tick populations at their homes and business to lower their risks for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. For more than 4 years we have invested in providing vital and timely information about how to limit your exposure to ticks, how to check for ticks, and how to prevent ticks on your property through our blog at lymediseasecentralmass.com. During that time we have had over 110,000 views of our stories. We often site TickEncounter.org as the premier source for up-to-date and accurate tick information and are thrilled that a partnership has become available for us to increase our efforts in preventing tick-borne diseases.

Mosquito Squad of Central Massachusetts : https://www.mosquitosquadma.com

TEPP Ocean State Tick Control

"Ocean State Tick Control (OSTC) is Rhode Island's leader in tick control. They know the life cycle of Deer ticks, and they know how to eliminate them. They have the experience and the equipment to safely, effectively, and affordably protect your outside habitat, from ticks that carry disease. Lyme disease has affected them personally and their goal is to help educate and protect you. Let Ocean State Tick Control make it safe for you and your families to enjoy your outside spaces again.

Since the creation of Ocean State Tick Control in 2007, we have perfected a tick control program which is affordably priced and environmentally safe. We use the safest materials possible, and our 3rd party tested properties have all shown over 98% control. We base our program on the excellent research and advice from URI's TickEncounter Resource Center".

Ocean State Tick Control : http://www.oceanstatetickcontrol.com/

Mosquito Squad of Fall River South Shore

Mosquito Squad of Fall River & South Shore is your source for expert tick control in Southeastern Massachusetts. Mosquito Squad specializes in the reduction and control of tick populations for residential and commercial properties. We protect you, your family and your pets from the nuisance and threat of illness these pests carry.

The #1 form of protection from Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses is preventing contact with ticks and this starts where you spend the most time – your yard. Our technicians are licensed through the MA Department of Agriculture and specially trained to apply treatments in an environmentally responsible manner. We apply a Barrier Treatment around the perimeter of your yard, the lawn and to identified tick harborage sites within the yard. The Tick Barrier Treatment eliminates adult ticks on contact and continues to work until we come treat your yard again on our automatic schedule.

For additional protection, we can place tick tubes on your property twice a year to eliminate larval and nymph ticks when they are nesting with their rodent hosts during the cooler months – eliminating tomorrow’s disease carrying ticks today.

We strive to educate our clients on ways they can work with us to reduce their exposure to ticks at home by following Mosquito Squad's 6 C's of Tick Proofing Your Yard. Our service is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you call us you are not only receiving the best and most thorough tick treatments available, but our office staff is a phone call away with any questions or concerns.

Mosquito Squad of Fall River/South Shore : http://southshore.mosquitosquad.com/south-shore-tick-control/

John Drulle, MD Memorial Lyme Fund, Inc.

John Drulle, MD Memorial Lyme Fund, Inc. "The JDMLF is a 501(C)3 corporation based in NJ dedicated to public awareness and prevention education of Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses. We also fund tick ecology and prevention research along with educational projects about which can be found on our website. In joining your partner program we feel we can broaden our profile and utilize the research and knowledge of your organization to assist in our mission".

John Drulle, MD Memorial Lyme Fund, Inc. : http://www.johndrullelymefund.org/

TEPP Test My Tick

Our Mission is to save lives by increasing access to professional tick testing for physicians, veterinarians, and the public. Tick Born Illness represents a significant health threat to both humans and our furry friends. We also want to educate about tick awareness, avoidance, and early recognition and treatment of tick borne illness.

We've partnered with the preeminent Laboratory of Medical Zoology (LMZ), to offer tick collection kits that allow you to save your tick so that it can be tested to detect disease-causing microbes. Your tick can be tested for over 20 different disease causing organisms that ticks can carry (like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and newly discovered diseases like Powassan, Heartland, and Colorado Tick Fever Virus). When you do order tick testing, the species of the tick and it's feeding status will be given along with what disease causing organisms the tick carries. This information will be sent to you by email within three business days after receiving the tick(often on the same day it is received). That data is used (without sharing personal information) in the Tick-Borne Disease Network passive surveillance that we hope will provide unprecedented insights to who is being bitten by ticks, when they get bitten, and what pathogens those ticks are carrying.

Testmytick : https://www.testmytick.com//

TEPP Thermacell

Thermacell Tick Control Tubes are the no-spray, easy-to-apply way to kill ticks in your yard. Thermacell works with nature to kill young ticks before they can transmit diseases to you or your family. In a field test Thermacell reduced the presence of ticks by over 90%. Thermacell Tick Control Tubes provide up to 12 months of protection.

Tick Control Tubes turn mice from tick hosts into tick killers. Thermacell Tick Control Tubes are made from biodegradable cardboard filled with a specially treated material that kills ticks. Mice seek out this ideal nest material and collect it to line their nests underground. Mice get the treated material on their fur while moving around in their nest. Ticks feeding on the mice die from the treated material before they can harm you or your family.

Thermacell : https://www.thermacell.com/


PA Lyme Resource Network, PALRN, was formally founded in 2012 by individuals compelled by personal experiences to help others affected by Lyme and Tick-borne diseases (Lyme/TBD). The founders and/or their family (often a child) all have Lyme/TBD. Each started or actively supported a local Lyme group. The "Lyme Journey" is often traumatic, not just because of the illness, but also the fear, uncertainty, frustration, anger, and financial hardship that often comes with it. The founders formed PA Lyme Resource Network to help others navigate this exceedingly complex and controversial disease.

Through TERC, PA Lyme Resource Network can bring the most useful, credible and current prevention tips to our communities. TERC's content is user friendly - making it easy for anyone to apply. We can rely on TERC to keep finding more effective and practical strategies for our communities. Thank you TERC!

PA Lyme Resource Network : http://www.palyme.org/

TEPP Indiana Lyme Connect Association

Indiana Lyme Connect (ILC) is an all-volunteer, nonprofit—501(c)(3)—formed in 2014. ILC's founders personally experienced delayed Lyme diagnosis and problems navigating the complexities of treatment firsthand. Knowing our experiences were not unique, we formed ILC to support individuals with Lyme disease and related tick-borne infections–that is, Lyme Borreliosis Complex. In addition, ILC's mission is to educate the greater Indiana community about tick prevention and to better prepare healthcare professionals in combatting this public-health crisis.

To support those suffering from Lyme disease, ILC has two local support groups, a website, and a Facebook to connect our fellow Hoosiers to Lyme disease information and support.

For 2017, we worked through the legislative process, cumulating in the Indiana House of Representatives adopting a Resolution including for our nonprofit to work with various Indiana agencies on Lyme awareness and prevention. In addition, Indiana's governor declared May as Lyme Awareness Month.

Resulting from our support groups; physicians training; involvement in the state legislator; and multi-media coverage of Lyme disease, a wide range of individuals, government, and private organizations are regularly approaching ILC about a variety of prevention topics.

ILC is pleased to partner with TickEncounter to provide current, useful, and evidence-based prevention strategies to the local communities of Indiana.

Indiana Lyme Connect Association : http://www.indianalymeconnect.org/

TEPP East End Tick Control

"East End Tick Control and Mosquito Control is the first and only New York State licensed and dedicated tick and mosquito control specialists with 20 years of extensive knowledge servicing Long Island's East End – from Moriches to Montauk, Wading River to Orient Point, and Shelter Island.

Family owned and operated, the company specializes in traditional and organic control methods and is committed to offering the most environmentally responsible and effective programs. It is fully insured, licensed by the Department of Environmental Conservation, and offers alternative options to harsh pesticides.

Driven by the philosophy that prevention is better than a cure, East End Tick and Mosquito Control is committed to protecting residents' well being while keeping the East End clean and pristine".

East End Tick Control : http://www.tickcontrol.com/

TEPP Mainely Ticks

"Mainely Ticks goal is to provide you with professional services, current & comprehensive educational materials, and internet resources to protect you and your family against vector-borne diseases. Prevention continues to be the BEST Prescription!

Mainely Ticks is a small family owned pest management business located in southern Maine. 2018 marks our 14th year in business. While we do treat residential properties for ticks and mosquitoes, our website focuses on education (retired teacher of 31 years). Tick Management through Education and Science…A World of Difference! Our Preventative Partners ® initiative distributes tick identification guides, bookmarks, tweezers and tick removal kits to individuals and organizations. We are very active with educational outreach programs in our local area, and support our educational website at www.mainelyticks.com. I have had the opportunity to meet Dr. Tom Mather (and communicate via the Public Tick IPM Working Group) and marvel at the work that he does. The TickEncounter website is the absolute best site available with an incredible outreach. I hope that our membership will help support your ongoing work."

Mainely Ticks : http://www.mainelyticks.com/

TEPP National Grid

National Grid is an international electricity and gas company and one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world.

"National Grid's job is to connect people to the energy they use, safely. We are at the heart of one of the greatest challenges facing our society – delivering clean energy to support our world long into the future. We work with all our stakeholders to promote the development and implementation of sustainable, innovative and affordable energy solutions. And we are proud that our work, and our people, underpin the prosperity and wellbeing of our customers, communities and investors".

National Grid : http://www2.nationalgrid.com/corporate/


"Dan Wolff is a suburban deer expert and tick prevention specialist. He's spent the last 20 years thinking about and dealing with the problems associated with ticks. As a single dad, with two boys and two dogs and residing in an area with a high tick population, Dan is no stranger to the dangers they bring.

Dan's mission is to provide a safe and effective tool for removing ticks. After careful thought and painstaking effort, Dan's developed a much improved tick removal tool called TickEase. It's dual purpose design allows you to easily, safely and effectively remove ticks from people and pets. You can use it to remove ticks with ease. Dan has also recently formed Prevent-LymeDisease.com to reinforce his fight against tickborne disease".

TickEase, Inc. : www.BuyTickEase.com
Prevent-LymeDisease : www.Prevent-LymeDisease.com
MassDeerSerivce, Inc. : www.MassDeerService.com

"The Laboratory of Medical Zoology (LMZ) is an academic research lab at the University of Massachusetts. The focus of our research is on infectious diseases, with particular attention to those diseases with transmission cycles that involve other animal species. The general term for these diseases is "zoonosis". Zoonoses come in many kinds and are as diverse as the animal and microbial kingdoms".

"We've joined forces with the TickEncounter.org to bring greater awareness to the risk of tickborne diseases".

The Laboratory of Medical Zoology (LMZ) : www.tickreport.com

TEPP EcoHealth

EcoHealth is a company that offers Damminix Tick Tubes®.

"It is well known that deer spread ticks infected with Lyme disease. However, did you know that these same ticks get Lyme disease from mice, not deer? Damminix Ticks Tubes® rely on the natural nesting instincts of mice to take the battle to source and deliver tick controlling permethrin directly to this host animal and the ticks it infects".

Damminix Tick Tubes® are biodegradable, cardboard tubes filled with permethrin treated cotton balls. Mice collect the cotton to build their nests. Deer ticks that feed on mice in the Spring and the Fall are exposed to permethrin and killed. All the while, the mice, other mammals and your lands are unharmed and undisturbed".

Ecohealth : http://www.ticktubes.com

Business+ Partners

Fox Pest Control of Rhode Island


"Fox Pest Control of RI is a locally-owned tick & mosquito control company, whose most important goal is to eradicate Lyme and other tick borne disease for our customers. We offer affordable, effective and environmentally safe programs, to eliminate ticks and mosquitoes. We serve our RI customers by inspecting and treating their properties to eliminate the threat of disease caused by the blacklegged (aka: Lyme, Deer) tick, American Dog and Lone Star tick. Our environmentally safe treatments endeavor to eliminate the possibility of contracting: Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, Powassan, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, EEE, West Nile Virus, Zika and other dangerous pathogens transmitted by the bite of ticks and mosquitoes, common to RI."

Port Isabel Animal Clinic

"We are a small veterinary practice , our surrounding community has been put under a tick Quaratine. We would like to inform our clients on tick bites."

Mosquito Squad of North Central Rhode Island

mosquito squad

"Mosquito Squad of North Central Rhode Island is committed to the ongoing efforts to prevent tick-borne disease that affects tens of thousands in the US each year through education and yard protection. We offer an effective blend of our barrier spray treatment and tick tubes to eliminate ticks before they can get to you. Our Integrated Pest Management System (IMP) eliminates adult ticks on contact via our traditional barrier spray as well as treats the source of the problem by utilizing nymph control methods, i.e. tick tubes. Since most ticks get their first blood meal from mice the application of biodegradable ticks tubes offer a solution. The treated cotton contained in the tubes entice the natural nesting instincts of mice to deliver a tick controlling insecticide directly to its home, eliminating the ticks".

Kaiser Tree Preservation Co.

Kaiser Tree Preservation Co.

"Kaiser Tree Preservation Company is Rhode Island's leader in expert tree and shrub care. We are family owned and operated, and have been in business for over 40 years. Our certified arborists provide clients with excellent customer service, sound professional advice and the safest and most effective procedures that our industry has to offer. In 2008, Kaiser Tree created a subsidiary company named Ocean State Tick Control, to focus solely on tick and mosquito abatement. We created an affordable program that will completely eliminate ticks from your landscape, allowing you to feel comfortable in your own backyard again! Our practice is environmentally safe and the most effective available. We use the safest materials possible, and our 3rd party tested properties have all shown over 98% control. We base our program on the excellent research and advice from URI's TickEncounter Resource Center. It protects against serious and potentially deadly tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme Disease, Babesiosis, Tick Typhus, Ehrlichiosis, which already have permanently disabled thousands of New Englanders and killed many. Act now: Protect yourself. Protect your family".

South Shore Pest Control

South Shore Pest Control, Inc.

"South Shore Pest Control will always make every effort to guarantee customer satisfaction. We began in 1998 knowing that we could consistently solve pest situations while keeping people and the environment safe. Our knowledge of pests and their behavior allows us to use integrated pest management techniques using the least amount of chemical necessary. Our early success, as Rigney's Pest Management with commercial food service establishments grew into a loyal residential customer following. South Shore Pest Control delivers professional services throughout southeastern Massachusetts".

Tick and Mosquito Offense LLC

TEPP: Tick and Mosquito Offense LLC

"Tick and Mosquito Offense is a company opened in 2017, to offer educational information to customers so that a solution to their tick/mosquito problems may be solved using products that fit each individual need. We also offer full spraying services for ticks and mosquitoes in the Downeast area of Maine. "

American Deer Proofing Plus

American Deer Proofing Plus

"American Deer Proofing is a company based in West Kingston, RI. We offer a commercial spray service division and retail products. ADP has been commercially spraying to prevent deer and rabbit damage for over 17 years. Our commercial spray service area includes Rhode Island, SE Connecticut, and SE Massachusetts, and our products are available nationally. We have developed a line of Eco-friendly products called Everguard Repellents. Repellents include deer and rabbit, All Purpose Animal Repellent, and Tick/Mosquito Repellent. With the large outbreak of Lyme and other tick borne diseases, our company set out to create the best eco-friendly tick and mosquito repellent on the market. We have been commercially spraying the Tick and Mosquito repellent since March of 2016. It is our company's goal to help educate and protect our customers, their families, and their pets from the possibility of contracting these tick borne diseases with an eco-friendly repellent. "

Brooks Elementary School

"We are an elementary school in Massachusetts and we want our community to become tick literate. Massachusetts is one of the 14 states that have a very high percentage of Lyme cases. It is a community health problem can be positively impacted though public education and awareness."

Duponte Landscape Contractors

Duponte Landscape Contractors

"We're a well established local company who partners with the local landtrust. Looking forward to sharing correct information".

Becket Land Trust


"The Becket Land Trust welcomes children and adults to enjoys miles of hiking trails where they may come into contact with ticks. As responsible stewards of the land and wanting to provide a positive experience for all who visit, the Becket Land Trust wants to become educated about tick prevention. We can then be in a position to share that on-site and on our website for any and all who access these resources."

Elite Turf Care

Simply Safer

"Elite Turf Care understands the importance of protecting family and pets from disease carrying insects such as ticks. We know first hand what disease like Lyme can do and we strive to give customers the best course of action to protecting themselves and their loved ones."

Simply Safer Premium Lawn Care

Simply Safer

"Simply Safer Premium Lawn Care is a locally owned leader in the Lawn Care industry that also specializes in Tick and Mosquito Control currently servicing over 4,000 properties in MA and RI.

We take Tick Control very seriously and employ many different strategies to help keep our customers and their families safe. We safely apply insecticidal sprays of Bifenthrin for optimal control, organic sprays of natural botanical oils to help maintain control, and implement the use of Tick Tubes where appropriate. We're happy to provide you a free estimate and to make recommendations."

Allens Seed

Allens Seed

"We are a local landscape supply store servicing both professionals as well as homeowners. We believe in not just making a sale but educating the end user on the how's and why's of the what they are doing."

"We have been selling grass seeds and related professional products and services for over 60 years here in Southern New England. Today we supply the best and most environmentally compatible grass seed mixtures, related fertilizers, growing materials and equipment available anywhere. We provide service, application and planning advice to regional turf farms, golf courses, parks, cemeteries, recreational facilities and private home owners throughout New England."

Hands of Nature

Hands of Nature

"Servicing fine homes and businesses in Connecticut: New Milford, Newtown, Danbury, Brookfield and vicinity."

Pieper Olson Veterinary Hospital


"Connecticut Valley Veterinary Associates consists of five general practice veterinary hospitals located throughout the Middlesex and Hartford counties. Your relationship with your pet is special, and we understand that you expect nothing but the highest quality medical and personal attention. When your pet is at any of our CVVA locations, they are with dedicated, compassionate veterinary professionals who treat your pet as their own."

The Yard Gard

Yard Gard

Lawn care programs, organic tick & mosquito, perimeter pest control. "The Yard Gard recently launched on Cape Cod and feels that education is the best defense in combatting ticks and the diseases that they carry. The Yard Gard wants to help get the word out to all Cape Codders to protect them and their pets!".

Aspenn Environmental Services of New England


"We provide Child and Pet Safe Outdoor Pest Control. We specialize in controlling Ticks, Fleas, Mosquitoes, Caterpillars, and other Outdoor pests that can harm kids, pets, landscape, or are are a nuisance.".

BayScape Lawncare


"BayScape is a local company that has been in business for over 20 years. Bayscape is a full service landscape company. Our lawncare division provides valueable services to our customers including tick control, mosquito control, and lawn fertilization programs. BayScape prides itself on providing the best services by our knowledgeable technicians. We are always staying up to date on the newest and safest technology , and research to provide maximum results while minimizing environmental impact".

Conley's Brockton Exterminating Company, Inc.

Conley's Brockton Exterminating Company, Inc.

"Conley's Brockton Exterminating Company, Inc., has provided bug control and exterminator services to property owners in the Duxbury, Massachusetts, and South Shore areas since 1952. Including: Plymouth, Kingston, Marshfield, Brockton, and Rockland".

Squared Away Pest Control

Squared Away Pest Control

"We at Squared Away Pest Control, Inc. are a structural pest control company licensed in Mass and RI, we are also a Problem animal control agent in Mass. In the spring of 2014 we purchased a Skid Sprayer and began offering tick treatments, we felt tick treatments were a great add on to our services and have been able to positively impact our clients lives with the service".

Norman Pest Control

Norman Pest Control

"Norman Pest Control is a locally owned quality pest control company that evaluates your property thoroughly for rodents, ants, stinging insects and other pests. After we evaluate your property, we will come up with a pro-active plan that suits your property specifically. Then we will do what we do best, Eliminate Bugs! We will back it with our 100% satisfaction guarantee".

East End Pest Management

East End Pest Management

"East End Pest Management is a full service pest control company providing for all of your pest control needs. Established in 2004, East End Pest Management is celebrating it's 13th season servicing pest control needs for Long Island's beautiful North and South forks. We provide effective pest control with environmental preservation in mind. No job is too big or too small, whether it be ants in the kitchen or a major termite infestation. Our Tick control programs focus on health and safety for families on the east end of Long Island, and applications are made only by trained and certified technicians. Our policy is to have trained staff with superior education to that of our competitors. We take the fight against Tick born illness, wood destroying organisms, and all other pest issues to a whole other level. A level of service which we proudly and readily offer as a standard. Our methods and products are of the most advanced available. Our work ethic is unrivaled. Our professionalism unmatched. We are ready to serve, and the most important things to us are your family's safety, home, and satisfaction. Give us a call today and let us prove it to you".

Hampton Pest Management, Inc.

hampton pest management

"Hampton Pest Management, Inc. strives to provide pest control services to the East End of Long Island with the highest levels of integrity, customer service and safety. We strive to be on the forefront of new technologies, techniques, and products that will enable us to deliver our services in a more efficient manner. The more we know about pests, the more effective and successful we'll be at managing your pest-related problems. We are fortunate to live and work in wonderful communities on the East End of Long Island. We support those communities in a variety of ways both as a company and as individuals".

All About Trees

All About Trees

"All About Trees provides ecological landscape tick control in Southern Vermont. Among other services, we currently offer perimeter treatments with Metarhizium anisopliae, a naturally occurring soil fungus that rivals synthetics in efficacy".

Scituate Health Alliance

Scituate Health Alliance

"We started our Non-Profit Organization 15 years ago. We are the first organization in the Country that gives our towns people Primary Care and Dental for free. We partnered with Scituate Ambualnce and Rhode Island College Student Nurses that do our Community Health Programs. We run Health Fairs through out the year on different Health Issues. We are looking forward to bringing about the TEPP program to Scituate. We do know of MANY cases of Lyme in our area, we are an organization of educating our community on health concerns and what can be done for them. We are excited about this Partnership".



"BugBeWear® provides affordable, yard friendly clothing with built in tick and insect repellence. Protection lasts all day, every day, thru 70 launderings. The Insect Shield® garment finish is odorless and invisible. BugBeWear is a simple practical approach to avoid tick and insect borne illnesses. And it's as easy as simply getting dressed in the morning. No spray. No smell. No watching the clock. Simply protected. BugBeWear jeans, tees, sweatshirts, hats and socks provide proven protection for the whole family from tick, mosquito, flies and chigger bites".

Bob Oley

Bob Oley

"Bob is a public health consultant specializing in tick-borne disease prevention. He advises families and businesses on how to make their properties safer from ticks, and what personal protection measures can be taken to safeguard family members, workers, and pet animals.

Bob conducts educational seminars on Lyme disease and tick-borne disease prevention before various private and government groups. He has appeared on several radio shows including Boston Outlook, You Bet Your Garden, Sirius XM Doctor Radio, and the Magic Garden Show talking about tick-borne disease prevention. Additionally, he has also been a guest on the NBC TV New York Nightly News program talking about tick-borne disease prevention and campers".

Basic Level Partners


Companies/Organization/Schools listed signed up prior to our new TEPP levels. Future online listings with web links are part of our new Business Plus level or as Enhanced partners.

  • African Health Solutions
  • Illinois Birddog Rescue
  • North Central West Virginia Lyme Community
  • Pet Vet
  • Alcatech Solutions
  • Moultonborough Academy
  • Gloucester Health Department
  • A&R Exterminating Co., Inc.
  • Waltham Services
  • Radio Newport
  • Head to Tail Grooming
  • Fox Pest Control of RI
  • Eco Pest Control RI
  • Mosquito Squad of North Central Rhode Island
  • GreenHow
  • G Pedro's Garage - Mildred, PA
  • Medfield Lyme Disease Study Committee
  • Morris County Mosquito Commission
  • Rhode Island School of Design Health Services
  • Christ Church (Episcopal), Lincoln, RI
  • Dermay
  • Infexion Connexion Inc
  • Life With Dogs (www.lifewithdogs.tv)
  • Turtle Cove Cottage
  • Shannon Family Farm School
  • E.S. Rhodes School PTA
  • Pure Solutions
  • AgriHunt Farms
  • Amherst Canine
  • Fresh Start Animal Services Katie Watson DeAngelis
  • Otter Creek Environmental Education Services
  • Palmer Pharmacy - Johnstown, NY
  • Santa Monica Pet Medical Center
  • Cellar Door FoodWorks, dba
  • Decadent Dog, Inc.
  • Environmental Health Services, Inc.
  • The Mosquito Authority of Rhode Island
  • Urban Nature Walk
  • The TICK-it Team
  • GSM Services, Inc
  • Upper Makefield Township EAC
  • Girl Scout Troop 80
  • West Geauga Veterinary Hospital
  • Gold Medal Lawns
  • Strain Measurement Devices
  • Arlington High School
  • Town of Westford Health Department
  • Three Rivers Young Marines
  • Ulster County Tick Busters
  • Progressive Charlestown
  • Sojourns Community Health Clinic
  • The Wilderness Center
  • Fishing Cove Elementary
  • Sunacom.com
  • Strideaway
  • MoKan Loners on Wheels
  • Ottawa County Health Department
  • EWG Girl Scout Troop 383
  • Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
  • Howard W. Hathaway School
  • John Andrade Insurance Agency Inc.
  • Ohio Lyme Disease Awareness
  • Ultra Safe Pest Management Inc.


  • Andrew Micalizzi
  • Brynna Schiller
  • Kendra Steel
  • John Martyniak
  • Christopher Caler
  • Stephen Murphy, CLU
  • Cori Borjan
  • Jill McAllister
  • Marianne De Souza
  • Bonnie Parker
  • Gail Brekke
  • Krisztian Magori
  • Jerry Genesio
  • Jon Sidmore
  • David Figgins
  • Margarita Rodriguez
  • Jaree Johnson - US Army Preventive Medicine Sciences
  • Kevin Levine
  • Kristy Kittelson
  • Lane Poor
  • Ellen Wexler
  • Stephanie Benz
  • Stacie Van Brandenburg
  • Mia Grant
  • Cherie Lester
  • Tristram C Dammin MD
  • Lisa Frampton
  • Steven Mora
  • Claire O'Brien
  • Robert B. Oley, PE, MSPH - Upgraded to Business Plus!
  • Marcia Tambellini
  • Diane Wheeler, ANP

TickSmart Vet Clnics

Arlington Animal Clinic

TEPP: Arlington

"Arlington Animal Clinic is located in East Arlington, just outside Arlington Center in Arlington, Massachusetts. We are a small animal general practice and we pride ourselves on providing high quality veterinary medicine in a warm and welcoming environment. Preventative medicine is a large part of our practice and that includes keeping furry family members, and their not-so-furry humans, safe from ticks and tick-borne disease!"

Angell Animal Medical Center

TEPP: Angell

"MSPCA-Angell continues to rescue, shelter, protect, heal, and advocate for more animals than any other American humane organization, giving hands-on care to many thousands of animals each year. We also provide emergency assistance and strategic-planning help for animal-protection groups across the country and around the globe. Through our legislative work, humane-education efforts, and community-based assistance initiatives, we help create lasting change for animals and people."

Winchester Veterinary Group

TEPP: Winchester

"Winchester Veterinary Group offers an extensive range of medical services for your pet. We have in-house digital radiology, surgery, laboratory and ultrasound, as well as a pharmacy to provide the vast majority of medications your pet may need. Additionally, we have board-certified specialists and consultants with advanced training in cardiology, ultrasound, and surgery available to utilize their skills for your pet’s well-being."

South Boston Animal Hospital

TEPP: South Boston Animal Hospital

"We are a family animal hospital ‒ and we know our pets are an important part of every family. Our team truly loves pets. It's a chosen profession and it shows...we love coming into work every day. We care about the animals and love what we do. We love South Boston and its amazing community‒we have the best patients and clients we could ask for. They allow us to do what we do best‒practice good medicine and come up with creative solutions for pets."

Sturbridge Veterinary Hospital

"We are a Small Animal Veterinary Hospital in tick country with clients that deserve to have good information about ticks."

North Shore Animal Hospital

TEPP: North Shore Animal Hospital

"If you live near Boston’s north shore, Lynn, Salem, Swampscott, Marblehead, Peabody, Danvers, Beverly, Saugus, Revere, Malden, Stoneham, Wakefield, Lynnfield or the surrounding area and need a trusted veterinarian to care for your pets – look no further. We are a busy full service animal hospital providing personalized service, convenience and individualized care for family pets in Lynn and the surrounding communities since 1982. It is our desire to provide the highest quality medical and surgical care to our patients and offer the best possible service to our clients. We will help owners to care for and protect their pets by providing comprehensive veterinary service to all animals in our care, with emphasis on courtesy, respect and appreciation for our clients. We will develop plans and solutions that meet the needs of our patients, their families and the community."

Porter Square Veterinarian

TEPP: Porter

"Where your pets are treated like family. Our goal is to provide the highest quality care for your pet with understanding and compassion. We have been a part of the Somerville-Cambridge community for almost forty years. The practice philosophy of Porter Square Veterinarian is a team-oriented approach to work with you to care for your beloved pet."

Washington County Veterinary Clinic

TEPP: Washington County

"Located in Wakefield, Rhode Island, Washington County Veterinary Hospital is a full-service animal hospital and boarding facility. Whether you are looking for a new veterinary clinic to bring your puppy or kitten, or you have been clients with us for years, you always receive top-quality pet care and customer service at our animal hospital. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing exceptional pet care, and we are excited to offer everything from pet food and medications to routine vaccinations for your pet's health."

Cape Ann Veterinary Clinic

TEPP: Cape Ann

"We are an animal hospital on Cape Ann, MA. We encounter many tick related diseases and recommend preventive measures for all of our outdoor pets. We also educate our clients about the best tick prevention measures that family members need to practice. "

Countryside Veterinary Partner

TEPP: Countryside

"Countryside Veterinary Hospital provides quality veterinary care for dogs, cats, birds, pocket pets, reptiles and other exotics in We are AAHA-accredited!Chelmsford, Westford, and Carlisle, Massachusetts and the surrounding communities. Our modern and inviting hospital boasts superb veterinarians and caring support staff that are dedicated to our patients, clients, and community."

Burlington Veterinary Hospital

TEPP: Countryside

"At Burlington Veterinary Hospital, our mission is "to make a positive difference in people’s lives, and to provide the highest level of medical, surgical and welcoming care to the pets that are entrusted to us." Each pet is important, and we treat our owners and pets alike as if they were part of our own family. "

Oaklawn Animal Hospital

Oaklawn Animal Hospital

"At Oaklawn Animal Hospital, we are committed to treating our clients with respect and our patients with compassion and exceptional medical and surgical care. We are advocates for our patients and work to enhance the human-animal bond within a humane and compassionate society."

Non-Profit Partners

Central Mass Lyme Foundation

Central Mass Lyme Foundation

"Central Mass Lyme Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization created to help those battling Lyme disease as well as other tick-borne illnesses. Ken and Michele Miller started the organization in memory of Michele's Mom, Jeanne Cloutier, who passed away on February 9, 2013 as a result of late-stage Lyme disease. Michele and Ken witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of the disease and their foundation was created to help raise awareness, educate, and provide advocacy so that the general public can be empowered to take back their health".

Prevention Partner charges are annual subscriptions. Join today to become a partner in preventing tick-borne disease!