TickEncounter Prevention Partner

Prevention Partnership Levels

By becoming a Prevention Partner with the TickEncounter Resource Center, you or your organization can take advantage of our existing decision support tools, expert knowledge, and our other activities, to provide timely, tick-bite protection decision-support information to your community. Please refer to the chart below to confirm which Partnership level is best for your business or organization. We look forward to assisting you in maximizing your reach and impact with the most effective tick bite protection and disease-prevention strategies.

Prevention Partnership Levels
Online listing with click-able website link on www.TickEncounter.org (requires Prevention Partner Widget be placed on members web site) X X X X
TickEncounter Tick Identification magnets for distribution—as available. Currently offering 25 magnets in starter pack. X X X X
Access to TEPP print materials to use at community awareness events or simply to hang at your local bulletin board. These materials contain TERC content you've grown to trust on our website. These posters and handouts will serve as a guide to providing people the correct information and how to learn more. X X X X
Locally-branded "Got Ticks... Get Information Landing Page" completely supported by TickEncounter's unique, interactive, decision support tools and products X X X
At least one featured exposure annually in the TickEncounter Prevention Partners section (on first-come, first-served basis). Prevention Partner story—professionally written. X X X
A discount on Daily TickCheck Shower cards. This waterproof reminder card features a body silhouette that highlights common places to check for biting ticks. X X X
Select up to two additional customized applications for your web site, including custom (1) "Current Tick Activity" app for your target area; (2) "TickEncounter Forecast Tool" app for your target area. Additional applications are under development. X X
Your brochure or other materials distributed at TickEncounter events. X X
Clickable website link wherever your organization's name is mentioned on www.tickencounter.org . X
Up to 5 blacklegged ticks tested annually for Lyme disease, babesiosis, and anaplasmosis from your organization (fee applies to additional ticks) X
Your organization's events listed in TickEncounter's online Events calendar (as appropriate) X
Banner signage at all major TickEncounter Resource Center events X

Prevention Partner charges are annual subscriptions. Join today to become a partner in preventing tick-borne disease!