TickEncounter Prevention Partner

Prevention Partnership Levels

TEPP Partner Levels

By becoming a Prevention Partner with the TickEncounter Resource Center, you or your organization can take advantage of our existing decision support tools, expert knowledge, and our other activities, to provide timely, tick-bite protection decision-support information to your community. Please refer to the chart below to confirm which Partnership level is best for you, your business or organization. We look forward to assisting you in maximizing your reach and impact with the most effective tick bite protection and disease-prevention strategies.

Become A TickEncounter Prevention Partner

Updated: July 30, 2014

Basic (FREE)

Basic TickEncounter Prevention Partner. You've decided to help your family and community and take the first step towards improving tick literacy. With Basic you get:

  • Access to TickSmart PDFs for you to easily print and use at community awareness events or simply to hang on local bulletin boards. Our expanding catalogue of posters and handouts will serve as guides to seasonally relevant awareness and "best practices" messaging as well as how to learn more.

Basic Plus ($25)

Basic Plus TickEncounter Prevention Partner. Not only have you decided to help your family and community, your partnership gives you physical reminders to hand out and improve tick literacy. With Basic Plus you get:

Business Plus ($100)

Business Plus TickEncounter Prevention Partner. Your company or organization sees the need to improve tick literacy and create a TickSafe work place. With Business Plus you get:

  • 150 TickEncounter Tick Identification magnets for distribution.
  • 25 Daily TickCheck Shower cards . These waterproof reminder cards feature a body silhouette that highlights common places to check for biting ticks. (specify Eastern or Western U.S.)
  • Online listing on www.TickEncounter.org.
  • Custom Prevention Partner badge, print and web version

Standard ($600)

Standard TickEncounter Prevention Partner. Your company or organization wants to take tick literacy a step further by integrating a TickSmart™ Web Portal into your website and gain exposure via a news story about your efforts to Get TickSmart. With Standard you get:

Enhanced ($1000)

Enhanced TickEncounter Prevention Partner. Enhanced level partners truly believe in TickEncounter's message and research. Enhanced level partners help ensure TickEncounter's team can continue to develop and deploy TickSmart content. With Enhanced you get:

  • +Basic +Business Plus +Standard
  • CTA Mini-Map (Adobe Flash) included in Web Portal
  • Website review for TickSmart best practices.

Become A TickEncounter Prevention Partner