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The Think TICK - Take Action 2009 Award Recipient

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The TickEncounter Resource Center and NBC10 WJAR were pleased to present two awards at the Big Tick Gala 2009 to Peter Lord and Nate Miller. These awards are given to individuals who have shown outstanding efforts in the fight against tick-borne disease and tick bite prevention.

Peter Lord

Peter Lord

Peter Lord is a talented translator.

This award-winning journalist has been converting the all too often confusing language of science and scientists into understandable language for the public since 1981. As the environmental reporter for The Providence Journal, he has reported on such issues as water pollution, lead paint, hazardous waste, suburban sprawl, declining biodiversity, and most important for us, tick-borne disease and prevention. His powerful, clear writing has empowered the Journal's readers by giving them the ability to understand what the problems are and how to seek solutions.

The environment is not only Lord's profession, it's his passion. He shares his knowledge with future journalists as co-director of the Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting, and in teaching students in journalism at URI. He was made an honorary URI alumnus in 1992, but became a "real" one when he earned a master's degree from URI in marine affairs in 2007.

For his steady stewardship of the environment, and for his outstanding role in communicating tick-borne disease risks, and solutions to the tick problem to countless readers, the TickEncounter Resource Center and NBC10 WJAR are pleased to recognize Peter Lord with a "Think TICK. Take Action!" award.

Nate Miller

Nate Miller

Increasingly, Rhode Islanders seem to be coming to know that they can find the key state resource concerning ticks and tick-bite protection at URI.

They may not know us individually, but people around the state seem to readily accept that URI has the “Tick Guys”. For more years than he may want to acknowledge, Nate Miller has been one of those Tick Guys from URI.

Nate has been integral to all aspects of our program ... helping establish the statewide tick encounter risk surveillance program, the largest and most comprehensive tick abundance database in the world; helping build and advance our anti-tick vaccine research program; leading the efforts to provide diagnostic labs with reagents and resources to better identify disease causing pathogens; spearheading our projects to evaluate community-wide tick control strategies;

And the list could go on and on.

Now, you are moving on from our program and with your TickBlock product you are personally investing your anti-tick passion, and money, to bring effective tick repellent products to people who desperately need protection.

It is with extreme gratitude that I personally, along with TERC and NBC10 WJAR, are pleased to recognize you, Nate Miller with a “Think TICK. Take Action!” award...for 15 years of outstanding efforts to our program and to the entire Rhode Island Community in combating tick-borne disease.