Tick Testing Tick testing can be a useful aid in deciding whether or not to treat in the absence of disease symptoms.

Tick Testing
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IS MY TICK RISKY? TickSpotters helps identify the type of tick and assesses the riskiness of your TickEncounter. Submit a tick picture to TickSpotters and receive a customized reply full of best practice, next steps advice in just 1-3 days.

Test a tick
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IS IT INFECTED? TickEncounter now partners with UMass Laboratory of Medical Zoology and their TickReport.com to offer reliable, high quality tick testing with the lowest cost and fastest turn-around time in the industry. Learn which tests are performed for each species.

LMZ Tick Testing

Download, print, and distribute this flyer to help people Get TickSmart™ and Stay TickSafe!

LMZ Tick Testing