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TickSmart™ focuses on providing people at risk for dangerous (or even just yucky) tickencounters with simple, effective strategies - EVERY DAY PRACTICES - for TickSafe living. Our goal is to make tick-bite protection easy so that you'll actually "do it".

As we roll out the campaign, we'll be introducing TickSmart™ products - we'll be offering TickSmart™ Certifications -- we'll be building TickSmart™ communities - all to help engage and educate citizens just like you to take appropriate tick-bite protection ACTIONS. No more "hmmms", "uhhhhs", or "I'm not sure". The TickSmart™ campaign hopes to fast-track your access to resources that empower you to be proactive and protected. And now, we're also actively enlisting TickEncounter Prevention Partners to help prevent tick bites and disease in their own communities.

Examples of TickEncounter's TickSmart™ program at work

TickSmart™ Products

TickSmart™ Certifications

  • Deer Tick Management (EPA-sponsored pilot)

These are just some of the first examples of what's in store. And since EVERYONE needs a reminder, even once you've become TickSmart™ , we hope you will stay in touch with TickEncounter by "Liking" us on Facebook and following us on Twitter -- stay in touch with TickEncounter to stay informed!

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