Summer Camp

No More Camp Ticks! Parents get peace of mind when kids wear tick repellent clothing

Whether their gone every day for a few hours, or for days to weeks at summer camp, parents generally fret over their kids safety when it comes to tick and mosquito bites at camp.Now's the best time to Get TickSmart before they go, to give your children the best protection possible and give yourself a little piece of mind.

Wear Tick Repellent Clothing. Insect Shield Your Own Clothes!

We're talking about how it's possible to make wearing effective tick repellent every day as easy as getting dressed in the morning. Tick repellent clothing is not new. Soldiers have had this protection built into their clothes for years. Now you and your kids can have it, too. TickEncounter recommends that you purchase 5 outfits (socks, shorts, tee shirt) for your little campers. These clothes can either come already treated with PERMETHRIN repellent from Insect Shield (or other brands like LLBean), or you treat them yourself using PERMETHRIN soak kits available from TickBlock or Sawyer Products. It only takes a few minutes to order the clothes on-line or treat and dry the clothes at home.

What's great about tick repellent clothing is that once the clothes have been treated, they can provide exceptional tick-bite protection through several cold-water washes – up to 6 washes if you choose the do-at-home method, and an incredible 70 washes with commercially treated clothes. Check out results of a TickEncounter test comparing the effectiveness of tick repellent clothing for tick-bite protection. Of course, you've got to actually wear the clothes to get the protection.

DON'T FORGET FOOTWEAR - Since it's deer tick nymphs that transmit Lyme disease, and since these ticks are hidden in leaf litter, having effective protection against these ticks is most important for staying safe at camp, or the backyard. Nymph ticks mostly latch on to shoes and climb up. That makes tick repellent shoes one of the best and easiest first lines of defense against Lyme disease. PERMETHRIN sprays are the best way to apply.

Take ACTION – Check out our videos to see how to treat clothes:
Watch this video to see how well Permethrin treated clothing repels and kills ticks.
Watch this video to see how to properly apply Permethrin to clothing with the spraying method.
Watch this video to see how to properly apply Permethrin to clothing with a soaking kit.